Regulated Substances

Regulated Substances

Practice Group Leader

Drummond Woodsum’s Regulated Substances Practice Group assists manufacturers of highly regulated consumer products and those dealing with their businesses.


Changing public opinion and the laws pertaining to cannabis have created a large and vibrant marketplace for businesses interested in the cannabis sector, and those dealing with firms in the cannabis sector, such as landlords, municipalities, and investors. However, the legal rules governing the cannabis market are complex, fast changing, and contradictory.  We assist cannabis related businesses to comply with applicable law and we counsel on the risks to participants in this emerging marketplace.  

Food and Beverages

Working with attorneys in the Restaurant, Hospitality, Specialty Food and Beverage practice, we help clients such as breweries, distillers and specialty food makers with issues such as licensure, state and federal tax issues, food safety, labeling laws and other regulatory challenges.

For a complete list of services offered to Food and Beverage businesses, see our Restaurant, Hospitality, Specialty Food and Beverage Practice Area.


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